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27.02.2020Raja 4C, Tallinn, ruum ICO-314

TTÜ IT Kolledži dotsendi ja programmijuhi Paul Leisi ingliskeelne loeng toimub 27. veebruaril 2020 kell 16.30 kolledži ruumis ICO-314.

If there is one word that could define what’s happening in business and in the world as whole right now, perhaps “transformation” is it. The term defined as “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance” not only sums up what’s happening in the information management industry; IT leaders are also transforming their thinking about how they manage information digitally across their countries and enterprises. Both transformations are connected, presenting tremendous opportunity for businesses today.

Technology professionals have all of the responsibilities to continue to push business forward and transform to stay relevant. To succeed in this task not only technology but also people and methodologies play a vital role.

Software Engineering as the methodological bases for the transformation has witnessed tremendous development in recent years.

In this lecture the principal achievements in Software Engineering up to 2019 will be covered. Lecture will be given by associate professor Paul Leis on February 27 at 4:30 p.m. in the room ICO-314 (IT College).