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Opportunity to improve digital skills! Sign up for “Baltic Digital Skills Development Program”. Studies are free of charge and will be conducted in English. Registration for the program is open till January 11, 2021.

Innovation and continuous technological development have become the norm in both our learning and work environments. Improving digital skills is key to enabling people and businesses to compete and thrive.

As part of its global initiative to bring more digital skills to people around the world, Microsoft, in cooperation with the Estonian Business School in Tallinn, the ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Innovation Centre of the University of Latvia LUMIC has created a personal development program – “Baltic Digital Skills Development Program” that is established within the framework of Microsoft Global skilling initiative and will be based on Microsoft Learn role-based learning.

Within the program, it is possible to choose and study one of the two (or both) modules offered in the program, free of charge:

Module I: Business and Data Analysis
In this module you can learn skills that are necessary to work with data, for example, data visualization and analysis, basics of cloud computing and their application for business development, as well as skills in work with Microsoft platform Power BI and other basic knowledge, which will help to use data effectively in every field.

Module II: Low-code/no-code platform fundamentals
In this module basic principles of software and system design, as well as development and test methods will be learned. The gained knowledge about application development will allow to develop applications, which will help to simplify, modify and automate business procedures for more efficient company or institution operation.

The study programme is based on self-study – every programme member acquires the knowledge within 8 weeks at a time and pace that suits him/her, using study resources available in Microsoft Learn platform.
Self-studies will be supplemented with practical lessons, during which the leader of the study programmes together with industry experts will share their experience how to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.
The most motivated participants of the program will have opportunity to sign up for Virtual Internship. The certified participants will be able to use newly acquired skills in “real-life” work experiences and get insight into chosen career field.

The studies will start on January 13, 2021. Studies are free of charge and will be conducted in English. Registration for the program is open till January 11, 2021.

To apply for the program go to Baltic Digital Skills Development Program and start learning new digital skills today! Apply here!

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please reach out to Mirell Merirand, Portfolio Procurement Project Manager (