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Internet of Business project

The goal of Internet of Business (IoB) project is to develop a secure and standardised network based on real-time economy concept, where all business transactions are in digital format, generated largely automatically and completed in real time. IoB project continues based on the positive financing decision of CEF Telecom 2016 Programme: eInvoicing proposal round.

Length of the project: 01.06.2017 - 31.08.2018

- MTÜ ITL Digital Lab 
- Telema AS
- Eesti Post AS
- Tieto Estonia AS
- Tieto Finland OY
- Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA)

Main activities
EU standards (EU Norm) will be introduced and adapted into the already existing systems of service providers. By creating a connection with Europe and adapting EU standards,
the project meets the requirements of the European Commission e-Invoicing Directive 2014/55/EU and enables the secure operation of national and cross-boarder transactions between private and public sector.
- Two seminars will be held in Estonia within the project: in autumn 2017, the content, goals and planned results of the project will be introduced. In addition, an overview about the OpenPEPPOL network will be given as well as thorough explanations about the changes users might face when the network is connected with service providers. In spring 2018, an overview of the project results and further timetable will be given. Users will be informed about the upcoming changes and possibilities after the OpenPEPPOL network has been connected with the service providers. 
- Integration with Estonia’s X-Road: all four service providers will be interfaced with Estonia’s X-Road with a goal to establish a so-called direct connection between OpenPEPPOL network and Estonian public sector.
- PEPPOL BIS v3 compatibility: a large-scale process of mapping out the formats of the documents used in national and OpenPEPPOL network and enabling the compatibility between them.
- Creating PEPPOL Access Point and enabling compatibility with Service Metadata Publisher (SMP): the three service providers taking part of the project will be turned into PEPPOL Access Points, which means they will be turned into official members of OpenPEPPOL network and enables to send and receive documents using eInvoicing and eDelivery services. Service providers will also be connected with SMP, which in OpenPEPPOL network refers to the party exchanging information of the addressees. 

Project outcomes:
- 16.11.2017 e-invoicing workshop materials
18.04.2018 e-invoicing workshop materials
e-invoice specification 
- e-invoices through x-road
- news 

The execution of the project’s activities is supported by INEA  (The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency).

Contact person: 
Sirli Heinsoo  
Internet of Business Project Manager  
+372 56 456 002 


Internet of Business (IoB) project 2016-2017

The goal of the project is to develop an Internet of Business (IoB) platform for reliable operation of business transactions both internally and across the border between various parties, and involve small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in the testing of the IoB platform.

Project implementation phase:  April 1st, 2016 to April 30th, 2017

Project partners: 
Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications 
Federation of Finnish Technology Industries 
Latvian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (LIKTA)

Main activities:
Analysis of the real-time economy of the European countries (more thoroughly the Baltic region), including the analysis of strategies and projects;
Involvement of the other Baltic countries into the consortium of the main project;
Finding partners from both public and private sector and involving them in the development of the IoB platform;
Analysis of various possibilities for involvement of testers / end users of the IoB platform;
Finding common grounds between the project partners for creation of the IoB platform, considering the technological, economic and legal aspects of the countries;
Drafting and description of a detailed work plan for implementation of the project;
Analysis of the funding possibilities of the project both in Europe on a wider scale and within the countries participating in the project.

The project “Internet of Business“ (IoB) is based on Real-Time Economy (RTE). Real-Time Economy is an environment where all the business transactions are digitalized, largely automated and take place in real time between all the parties, including internally and across the border. Real-Time Economy creates value for all the society, increasing productivity and reliability, reducing the administrative load of companies and preventing the creation of black economy. The goal of the IoB project is to demonstrate that the technological basis necessary for Real-Time Economy already exists in various European countries, but the unification of the various systems is required for the creation and operation of digitalized economy. The project mainly focuses on the involvement of SMEs, as they form the biggest share of companies in all the countries, and due to the small market capacity of the Baltic area many SMEs are strongly connected with export. 

Implementation of the project activities is supported by programme European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) Seed Money Facility 2016-2017.

Project contact: 
Sirli Heinsoo, Internet of Business project manager   
+372 56 456 002