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Andrew Dickenson's Product Management & Product Marketing Training
Andrew Dickenson's Product Management & Product Marketing Training
The training of Product Management & Product Marketing by Andrew Dickenson has started to focus how to raise value to our products.
Diginno meeting
How can we jointly realise Industry 4.0 in the Baltic Sea Region?
Industry digitalization experience was shared by eight countries in Berlin.
Growing SME Digitization in the Baltic Sea Region - but more needs to be done
The overall aim of the DIGINNO project is to speed up the Baltic Sea Region’s transition to a single digital market. In Berlin the results of a Business Needs Assessment were presented.
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl: We need to be more ambitious
Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director General of DIGITALEUROPE, urges Europe to speed up implementing new technologies.
Flowit Andres Aavik
e-Talks: The future of work with Flowit CEO Andres Aavik
Flowit, the Estonian company (member of ITL) providing work process automation solutions, has realised that the nature of work is in in a constant process of change.
Estonia sets an example in e-invoicing
Estonia’s vision is to enable Real-Time Economy (RTE), a concept where all business transactions, such as orders and invoices, move between organisations automatically and in real-time.
ITL Mixed Choir in the XXVII Song Celebration
ITL is not only working, this summer our ITL mixed choir is performing in the XXVII Song Celebration entitled "My Fatherland is My Love" on 6-7th of July.
Why this tiny Baltic nation is building a digital embassy half a continent away
Estonia looked outside its borders to secure its data. Wanting full control and jurisdiction over its data, it opted for a so-called data embassy — no ambassadors or diplomatic missions attached.